Thursday, June 22, 2017

Twin Counties may join lawsuit against big pharma for opioid epidemic expenses

August of last year Columbia County didn’t have a plan or
idea in place to combat the opioid addiction problem.  Today, we have a plan in place focused on
prevention, education, treatment, recovery and law enforcement.  This has become one of our top priorities in
Columbia County, we are treating this like people lives depend on it, because
they do!  This is probably some of the
most important work I will do in my lifetime, having the support of Chairman of
the Board of Supervisors Matt Murrell is vital to the success we have had thus
far.  The newspaper story isn’t totally
accurate, the law firm didn’t come to us, it’s the Columbia County Opioid Epidemic
Response Sub-Committee who called them. 
Our Sub-Committee has been working very hard on the opioid issue, we’ve
been meeting every two weeks, setting up trainings, floating different ideas,
trying to make sure residents of Columbia County get the best possible service
we can provide.  I’m proud to be a
co-creator of Columbia County’s Opioid Response Plan, along with a great group
of dedicated, hard working professionals. 
This is another step amongst many we will be taking, we are going to do
the right thing for the people of Columbia County that I can promise.   Help
us fight to save a life!

Twin Counties may join lawsuit against big pharma for opioid epidemic expenses: Columbia and Greene counties are considering joining a statewide lawsuit against several pharmaceutical companies that accuses the companies o…