Saturday, October 24, 2009

Register Star endorses William Hughes Jr.

Hughes Endorsed for another term as 4th ward Supervisor

In the Fourth Ward race for supervisor, William Hughes, the incumbent, is being challenged by Samuel Santiago. Hughes first served the Fourth Ward as an alderman and is running for a second term as supervisor because he enjoys being an advocate for the people of Hudson. He is proud of being one of the most vocal opponents to the county’s plan to move DSS out of the city. Once Hughes gets involved in an issue, he doesn’t let go. He hopes to work with city and county officials to keep spending and taxes down. He also wants to work on redeveloping the lower half of Hudson.

Hughes’ opponent also did not bother to fill out a questionnaire, nor did he come to our office for an interview.

Hughes’ passion for the city and its residents is obvious to anyone that comes in contact with him. We see no reason why he should not be returned to office.


We’re disappointed that some candidates did not take the time to fill out our simple questionnaire or come in for an interview. We’re left with questions that go unanswered. But perhaps that’s what they wanted — to not be asked the tough questions. If so, they’ve only done themselves a disservice.

My words:

Being an elected official representing the citizens of the 4th ward is a privilege that should not to be taken for granted.  For someone to seek office without giving people of the Ward a glimpse of what they stand for and a look at their background is unfortunate.

The fact still remains, as a politician you must be willing to answer the tough question when asked.  I feel the people of the Ward, City and County deserves that.