Sunday, August 23, 2009

My wife, Deb Hughes and I

Deb and I have been married for 6 years. We have no children as of yet, but we are planning on it.

I, William Hughes Jr. was an employee of Columbia County for 10 years, I retired in 2008. I also served on the City Council for 4 years as Alderman of the 4th Ward. I am now at the end of my first term as 4th Ward Supervisor. I have volunteered in my community for over 14 years, serving the youth and senior population.

My wife, Deb Hughes is, a graduate of Albany State University, with a Master degree in Information Science. Deb also has and MBA from the Lally School of Business, at RPI. Deb currently has the position of Senior Strategy Consultant with IBM.

Deb and I, are both a member of the Shiloh Baptist Church at 14 Warren St., Hudson, NY, where the Reverend Ronald Grant is the Pastor.

Together, my wife and I are a formidable team working toward making Hudson a better place to live for all.

Re - elect
4th Ward Supervisor
William Hughes Jr.