Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Trouble hitting the curve

Like a bad Clint Eastwood movie, the Republican Convention rolled out mega star Clint Eastwood for what looked like "the good, the bad and the ugly" of an Eastwood movie.

Trouble hitting the curve", is not just the title of a new Clint Eastwood movie, it describes the campaign of Mitt "Myth" Romney. Myth Romney, has indicated he will go after social programs like an old Eastwood movie "a fist full of dollars". Myth Romney, looked "we" American people in the eyes and said, I shall "hang em' high". Being a supporter of Congressman, Paul Ryan's budget and picking him to be his Vice Presidential, running mate, Myth Romney states, I will cut all entitlement programs, making it clear, that if you are poor, not of the financial elite, you will no longer receive government assistance. The problem with Myth Romney, Paul Ryan's budget is, they not only attack the poor, but seniors, women and the middle class too. Myth Romney, Paul Ryan's budget would cut the WIC program, put millions of young kids in our Country at risk. Their budget would also cut the Safety-Net program, the program that provides food stamps, housing assistance, day care and medicaid to 10's of millions who need help in our County. Just to show that they really want to destroy the middle class, The Myth Romney, Paul Ryan's budget would cut Pell Grants, making it much harder for poor kids and poor families to have access to higher education. How does Myth Romney propose to tackle that problem, by telling families, you can borrow the money and pay it back. Oh no, wait, Myth Romney and Paul Ryan didn't stop there, what do they say about those who would like to start a small business, but don't have the funds to do so? Listen to this one, "go borrow the money from your parents", as if we all have millionaire parents like Myth Romney had.

 The Myth Romney, Paul Ryan's budget not only demonstrates what they think of the poor and disadvantaged in our County, its a clear attack on women. Data shows that 2/3 of those who use Pell Grants are women, 2/3 of those who receive WIC are women, 2/3 of those who receive food stamps are women and oh, did I mention, Myth Romney and Paul Ryan would repeal a woman's right to choose?

Now I know who Clint Eastwood was talking to in that empty chair, it was we the American people. Myth Romney and Paul Ryan, see most of us as empty, not being worth their time. That is why, Myth Romney is caught on tape stating how, 47% of people don't pay taxes and I will never get there vote, they will vote for Obama, no matter what. What Myth Romney doesn't say is, a percentage of that 47%, although they may not pay property taxes, they do pay payroll taxes, basically the working poor and low middle class. Although he hasn't said this, this tells me one thing, Myth Romney and Paul Ryan would go after the Child Earned Income Tax Credit, a tax that most working poor and middle class workers rely on getting at the end of the year to help settle up bills that they have gotten behind on. Like another Eastwood movie, The "sudden impact" of this would create a clear difference between rich and poor in our Country. With the outlined plan of the Myth Romney, Paul Ryan's budget, the rich would get a tax cut, making them richer, in the hopes of some of that wealth trickling down to the poor. By the time funds were to trickle down, there would only be enough left to maybe create a few hundred minimun wage jobs. This is just like another Eastwood movie, "play misty for me", the math of the Myth Romney, Paul Ryan's budget is so foggy only they can see it. To vote for the Myth Romney, Paul Ryan ticket, would be like walking, "the gauntlet", of death for the middle class, it will disappear as we know it. Taking a cue from Clint Eastwood, Myth Romney and Paul Ryan is saying, "go ahead, make my day" vote for me and this is what you will get. We as voters in Nov should look Myth Romney and Paul Ryan in the face and say, this is a, "true crime" and vote them out "any which way you can".

Vote Row A all the way